Maroon FM’s Unsigned Night

So last Friday was Maroon FM’s Unsigned Night. It was an event that featured  and celebrated unsigned artists, and personally, I’ve been listening to Nathan Futalan, Mellow Yellow, Munimuni, and The Ridleys so I thought that the event was worth it (got a discounted ticket from a friend – thank you!). Good music with free-flowing drinks,  all for 200php, what more can one ask for? It was also a holiday (long weekend!) so we had all the time!

I wasn’t able to hear Nathan Futalan perform as I arrived at the venue at 8PM as I expected his set to be a little later. It was nice meeting him, though, and same goes for the other performers whom I had the chance to talk to.

On the other hand, Jess and Pat’s is actually a good place. It is near Quezon City and it isn’t that hard to find. It has a chill ambiance which is perfect for good music. I also commend them for supporting our local artists. Though it was a little bit hard to move around, I loved that the venue was so full. The support for our local artists is really overwhelming.

Mellow Yellow performed two cover songs and an original. The crowd loved her that we asked for another song! She was followed by The Ridleys who played Aphrodite (which is also the title of their first EP), and three more songs including Yvaine (it was my first time hearing it live!). After them was Munimuni and it was my first time watching them live! I love that they continued even though it was starting to rain, and I love it more that they played Sa’yo, which was one of my favorite among their songs — my other favorite was Bakunawa. They were the last I was able to watch since I had to go home early.

All in all, Unsigned Night was a great experience, with all the firsts (rain in a gig, Jess and Pat’s, Yvaine, Mellow Yellow, Munimuni) and the constants (-ish, The Ridleys). Thank you, Maroon FM!


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